Our portfolio features the industry’s best-known brands. RP Oil offers a fully comprehensive range of leading technology automotive lubricants specially designed to deliver superior protection and performance to most on-and-off-road vehicles and machinery. Count on the recognized brands that RP Oil supplies, including:

Kendall Motor Oil
Kendall markets a broad range of lubricants for the passenger car and heavy-duty engine oil segments, both domestically and internationally. Offerings include an extensive line of lubricants and greases designed to help meet the evolving needs of today’s passenger cars and heavy-duty diesel engines.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of Kendall lubricants including synthetic, synthetic blend and conventional lubricants.



Havoline branded products mean high quality, reliability and performance. Havoline features a complete line of outstanding products suitable for a wide variety of industries.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of Havoline lubricants.



Chevron Global Lubricants provides advanced products for Industrial, Commercial, and Consumer applications. Around the world, Chevron brands are recognized for a legacy of technological innovation, performance, and reliability.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of Chevron lubricants.

Samson Corporation
Samson is part of a worldwide manufacturer of bulk fluid dispensing packages, fluid inventory and management systems, lubrication equipment, control handles, oil drains, hose reels, extraction and evacuation, specialty fluid dispensing roll-a-round units, shop furniture and various other types of equipment. Samson’s range of products enables customers to efficiently handle lubricants and fluids in automotive, industrial, agricultural, mining and construction applications.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of Samson lubricating equipment.
Brad Penn
The American Refining Group, Inc. offers a comprehensive line of BRAD PENN® lubricants such as gear oil, grease and other items to meet the majority of High Performance needs. The American Refining Group also offer a complete line of lubricants for today’s passenger car, fleet, commercial and industrial applications.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of Brad Penn lubricants including Penn Grade 1 racing oils.
LSI – Lubrication Specialties Inc.
LSI develops high performing Rust Preventatives, Industrial Lubricants, and a family of guaranteed Automotive Protection products.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of LSI undercoating, rust preventative and spray equipment.
Manufacturers of environmentally responsible products to help equipment run right.

RP Oil distributes a complete line of Lloyds environmentally responsible products for both lubricating and cleaning.